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Hyper Local News

How to fill the void left behind by declining newspaper industry.

Website Development

Powered by WordPress. Easy to use and manage websites.

Digital Marketing & PR

Email, Social Media, Search and Content Marketing. How to craft and manage your message.

Video & Podcasting

Leveraging online video and audio podcasts to grow your business.

Hyper-local News; Podcasting and Live Video Streaming Update

Lower cost and easier to use. Online tools and software to engage your hyper-local target audience. It’s never been easier and more affordable to become the most trusted source of news and information in your neighborhood. WordPress is only getting better. Gutenberg editor playing leading role. Our personal hardware upgrades …

Should Social Media Companies face Anti-Trust Laws?

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter control a majority of news and information around the globe. Should they get broken up? Have they run afoul of anti-trust …

Political & Social Justice Activism: Another Nail in Newspaper’s Coffin

More local newspapers will shut down this year. Those still hanging on will either reduce pages or days of publication. Many will run syndicated content. …

Web 101 for Local Business Workshops

Why We Started Get Smart Digital

Frustrated by digital growth? So were we. That’s why we started Get Smart Digital. We’re all about local, online sales strategy…..that works NOW…..not sometime in the future. We’re …

KMIR TV Website Review

How to fix common website errors. This video features the KMIR-TV Palm Springs Website Review from July 2012.

Building Business on Facebook is Crazy

For years, we warned against trusting Facebook and other 3rd party platforms to build a business. We watched in astonishment as newspaper execs, radio owners …

Re-invent or Die. Radio DJ Transformed by The Internet

I spent 15 years as a Rock DJ in Philadelphia. Loved it. But then that damn inter-web thingy happened. In the late 90’s, I had …

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